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Recollections: Modern and Contemporary Art's Books and Documents

Thursday 16 July 2020, 04:30 PM • Rome


Libri - Majakovskij, Vladimir

(Bardad 1894 - Mosca 1930)

Veshchi etogo goda do 1 Augusta 1923 [This year's activity until 1 August 1923], Berlin, Nakanune Akt. Ges., 1924, 12.6x18.9, paperback, pp. 108- [4].


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€ 768

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Cover illustrated with a constructivist typographic composition by anonymous author. An anthology of poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky many of them with lyricist and avant-garde verses. A stamp from the Russian library on the title page. [Bibliography: Margit Rowell - Deborah wye, The russian avant-garde book 1910 - 1934, New York, The Museum of Modern Art, 2002: n. 417: no. 566]. - Kingdom: MAJAKOVSKIJ Vladimir, Izbrannyye Majakovskij [Works of Majakovskij], Berlin, "Nakanune" Akt. Ges., 1923, 12.7x18.7 cm., Paperback, pp. 259- [1], illustrated cover with a constructivist typographical composition by anonymous author, 1 panel out of text with a black and white photographic portrait of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Poetry anthology with numerous examples of lyricist verses. A proprietary signature and a stamp of the book distributor on the title page, a small library stamp in the corner on the back of the back cover. [Bibliography: Vasilij A. Katanjan, Life of Mayakovsky, Rome, Editori Riuniti, 1978 ,: pag. 137].

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