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Fine Antique Arms and Militaria from around the world

Thursday 20 June 2024 e Friday 21 June 2024, 10:00 AM • Sarzana


A very rare Chapka of the 7th Regiment of Polish Lancers, Early 19th Century


€ 4.500 - 9.000


€ 8.250

The price includes buyer's premium


height 24 cm.
A fine officer's chapka with leather skull, body covered with faded-blue/tending to purple blue cloth (the original colour is clearly visible under the uprights and under the radial pattern), oxidised silver-wire rank en suite with the other garnitures including the intertwined cords ending in racket and pendants. Frontal brass badge with radial pattern with an 'N' featuring a crown with small eagles (both attached). Lions' heads with cords for the hooks. Square peak with rope outlining covered with silver wire. With only two of the ball-shaped spikes featuring a round, pleated base. Stiff, black visor with smooth, brass border. Leather strings inside with a segmented decoration and evident signs of use. With an old ink label in English language on the lower side of the visor. Missing cockade and plume.

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