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Tuesday 30 March 2021, 03:00 PM • Rome


Botero, Giovanni

On the Reason of State, 1589


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Venice, Giolito, 1589. In 4th. 2 works linked together. Typographical brand on the title page, woodcut figured friezes and initials, stains on the title page, humidity halos on the upper edges, vintage binding in brown leather, damaged.

Specialist Notes

Original edition, containing the second edition of "On the causes of the grandeur and magnificence of the city". Botero wrote this treatise on government as opposed to Machiavelli. The work was immediately reprinted in Rome, Turin and Milan and translated into many languages. In the treatise on the magnificence of cities, Botero proposes considerations on the population which are now considered anticipations of the Malhtusian principles. Adams B2548; Leg 1271; Kress 178.