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Old Master Paintings & 19th Century Art

Monday 23 November 2020 • Rome


Scuola dell'Italia settentrionale, fine secolo XVI - inizi secolo XVII

Judith beheads Holofernes


€ 15.000 - 20.000

Price realized

€ 18.860

The price includes buyer's premium


oil on canvas
161 x 142 cm

An attribution to Claudio Ridolfi has been made for this painting; (Verona about 1570 - Corinaldo 1644) on stylistic bases.

In fact, the painting shows strong influences by Federico Barocci, of whom Ridolfi was a pupil, combined with clear references to the Venetian culture of the sixteenth century. In particular it is interesting to note the scenographic setting of the scene dramatically represented; in the shade of the sumptuous damask curtain, a clear reference to the compositions of Veronese's altarpieces, as is evident in the comparison with Caliari's canvas of the same subject, exhibited in Genoa in the Palazzo Rosso Museum.

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