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from Wednesday 28 October 2020 a Friday 30 October 2020, 05:00 PM • Online


1970 Triumph TR 7 Spider

Chassis no. TPADJ8AT211026


€ 8.000 - 12.000

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• The latest of the Triumph roadsters.

• Ideal for entering regularity competitions on a small budget.

• Good convertible daily driver.

Italian plates and registration.
Giro di Sicilia.
Targa Florio Legend.
Goodwood Revival.
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti Legend.
Nürburgring Classic.


The model
The TR7 (acronym for Triumph Roadster 7) was a car produced from 1975 to 1981. The model was launched in the United States in January 1975, while on the British market it debuted only in May 1976 due to the strong demand for TR7 from the US market. Sports car, its safety was very accurate, with a sturdy boxed structure with controlled deformation. In the mid-seventies, British Leyland (of which Triumph was part), started the design of a totally new sports car capable of replacing both the MG B and the Triumph TR6. The line of the new car was created by the stylist Harris Mann of the "Longbridge" studio. The growing attention to safety, the unfavorable economic situation for sports cars and the financial crisis of British Leyland, suggested limiting development to the 2-seater coupé version only. If the mechanics did not concede much to the novelties (apart from the rear suspension with independent wheels with double arms), the line was totally new and original and the interior was also very modern, although devoid of any reference to the Triumph tradition. The TR7 was characterized by a wedge shape and had installed a four-cylinder in-line engine with 1,998 cc displacement and single-shaft distribution for 105 hp (92 hp in the United States). The engine, equipped with two valves per cylinder, derived from that installed on the Triumph Dolomite. The traction was rear and the gearbox was manual four-speed (fifth gear optional) or three-speed automatic. The front brakes were disc brakes, while the rear ones were drum brakes. The car did not have the desired success. When the roadster version was presented at the beginning of 1979, many thought of a redemption of the model: eliminating the discussed rigid roof, the car was elegant and modern. The prototype for the convertible version of the original Harris Mann design came from Michelotti and the engineering to make it work was done by Triumph. However, when it started marketing in Europe (March 1980) it was too late and even the beautiful TR7 Drophead Coupé did not have the expected success. The TR7 participated in rally races from 1976 to 1980. These racing specimens had the 16-valve engine of the Dolomite Sprint installed. Later the V8 engine was mounted which would later be installed on the TR8. The most successful racing driver with the TR7 / TR8 was Tony Pond. Of the TR7, 112,368 cars with hardtop and 28,864 convertible models were produced.
The car
The Triumph TR7 Drophead Coupé with chassis no. TPADJ8AT211026 is an example from 1981. Italian by origin, it has also been re-registered in Italy. The car has been maintained and cared for but has never been restored. It is in good condition, not perfect, but it is an excellent basis for achieving excellence with minor improvements. It has excellent conditions of the canvas top and of all the mechanics. The car is a perfect daily driver that can be used in all circumstances, extremely pleasant to drive using its convertible qualities. This TR7 is also an exceptional opportunity to enter the world of regularity races with a very small budget and a truly competitive vehicle. The car has a winning past in classic and "a media" regularity championship races.
State of the Art

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