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Padova Finarte - Collectible Cars

Padua, Friday 23 October 2020


Interest in rare and collectable cars is growing all over the world, also as a form of investment.

The Automotive Department was re-opened in 2017 fifty years after the first Finarte’s classic cars auction. AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES, a digital archive, publisher, and company specialized in historical car research, supports the Automotive Department in its activity.

Finarte sells at auction various types of cars of historical and collectable interest to collectors, investment funds, or newbies ready to enter the world of classic cars.

In the wake of the excellent results of 1000 FINARTE 20181000 FINARTE 2019, and Padova FINARTE 2019, Finarte presents three more auctions for 2020.

1000 FINARTE is returning, with extraordinary cars, on Monday 11 May 2020 in Brescia at the Museo Mille Miglia, one day before the start of the Mille Miglia 2020 race, “the most beautiful race in the world.” The auction represents for collectors a moment full of strong emotions and for Finarte an excellent showcase and a unique opportunity to valorize the cars at auction. The department is now inviting consignments for cars and automobilia that fall into the following categories: cars whose chassis number ran the Mille Miglia (1927/1957)cars whose chassis number ran one of the re-enactments or other events under Mille Miglia’s name.

BRESCIA FINARTE is the continuation of 1000 FINARTE and is featuring all those cars that do not fall within the categories of 1000 FINARTE. It is scheduled on the same day, Monday 11 May 2020, and is going to present rare and unique collectable vehiclessports cars, and rally cars. The department is currently collecting all kinds of cars that are going to be selected for their inherent qualities.

PADOVA FINARTE 2020, is scheduled for this autumn on Friday 23 October 2020, once again taking place at Auto e Moto d’Epoca the important car fair, an exceptional showcase, and an unmissable worldwide event. Also, on this occasion, the auction is offering cars of outstanding quality that do not fall within any particular category. The sale is open both to classic cars and to more contemporary vehicles.

Finarte also offers a Private Sales service for all its auctions’ categories, including Automotive.

Our experts are available for free and confidential valuations.

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