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Photographs: Celebrities

Rome, Tuesday 22 June 2021

The word photography is so simple and immediate that it gives the feeling that when we talk about it it is easy to understand. Obviously this is not the case and it would be enough, to understand it, to compare a photojournalist, a parent who has collected portraits of his children in an album, a collector in search of vintage author, the director of a museum and a photographer who produces works exhibited in art galleries. They will all talk about photography, but will struggle to find a sharing of expressive horizons.

Yet, they all have more in common than they want to recognize because, of course, the works created by great authors have left and continue to leave an important trace in history, but it is enough to broaden our horizons to find in what are unjustly considered photographs " minor "little jewels.

This is the reason why we decided to dedicate an entire auction to images related to the world of cinema, music, entertainment with portraits, stage photographs, evidence of the close relationship that binds us to art in all its expressions.

In this panorama there are prominent names - from Ugo Mulas to Jean-Loup Sieff, from Tazio Secchiaroli to Pierluigi Praturlon, from Elisabetta Catalano to Chiara Samugheo not to mention everyone and all - but also anonymous ones capable of creating images of value . The latter is also a panorama to be discovered: who has ever been the author who has been able to portray actresses and artists in their splendor or capture important, strange, unusual moments but has not then given his name to the result achieved? Here is a double challenge suggested to collectors: to those who want to go in search of the true authors and to those who wish to possess the testimony of moments of history that photography has been able to grasp with the immediacy that is its own.



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