The Design and  Decorative Arts Department offers the collectors original and high-quality works, ranging from ceramics to glass, from silver to brass, from the design of the Viennese Secession to the Art Deco and the Industrial Design.

As for the Design side, the department focuses on the furnishings and works from the Ventennio, and the Rationalist current, with interest also in the works from the 50s and 60s.

As for the Decorative Arts side, the field of action is even more vast. The department is interested in artists that made the history of the 1900s and that the general public has yet to rediscover.

The catalogue will feature important works by Giò Ponti, Galileo Chini, Carlo Scarpa, Ico Parisi, Ignazio Gardella, Max Ingrand, Pietro Chiesa, Franco Albini, Paolo Buffa, as well as many others.



Beatrice Porta