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1000 Finarte & Brescia Finarte

Brescia, Monday 11 May 2020

1000 FINARTE will return on Monday 11 May 2020 in Brescia to the Museo Mille Miglia with extraordinary cars. The car auction, one day before from the start of the Mille Miglia 2020, “the most beautiful race in the world,” represents for collectors a moment full of strong emotions and for Finarte an excellent showcase and a unique opportunity to enhance the cars in the auction.

BRESCIA FINARTE will be, from this year, the continuation of 1000 FINARTE and will collect all those cars which, although unusual, do not fall within the categories of 1000 FINARTE. It will be held on the same dates and will present rare and unique collectible cars, sports cars, and rally cars, offering figures as an excellent investment for the future, always bearing in mind the pure passion for cars. The auction is open to all kinds of cars, and only the quality of the car’s proposals will be discriminatory. Also, for this occasion, the department is collecting cars.

The department for this auction is active in collecting cars and automobilia for the following categories: cars whose chassis number ran the Mille Miglia speed (1927/1957); cars whose chassis number ran one of the re-enactments or other events under the Mille Miglia’s name.



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